‘Wonka’ to feature in Zynga’s games

‘Wonka’ to feature in Zynga’s games

‘Wonka’ to feature in Zynga’s games

The upcoming film Wonka will feature in four Zynga games, including the company’s popular game Words With Friends, thanks to a collaboration between Zynga and Warner Bros. Pictures. The game integrations will give players an inside look at the magical world of Wonka through custom in-game challenges, rewards and film content.

Starring Academy Award-nominee Timothée Chalamet in the title role, Wonka tells the story of how the world’s greatest inventor, magician and chocolate maker became the beloved Willy Wonka we know today. With familiar faces and brand-new characters and inventions, the film will introduce audiences to a young Willy Wonka, chock-full of ideas and determined to change the world one delectable bite at a time. Starting on 12 December, the film’s limited-time in-game integration will feature in Words With Friends 2. Below is the game trailer:

In Words With Friends 2, a stylised Wonka avatar based on Chalamet’s portrayal of the character in the film will invite players into his magical world to play chocolate-themed Friendly Faceoff word games. Those who win two games against the bright-eyed candy maker will earn an exclusive Wonka-themed frame as a sweet treat to display on their player profile. To further celebrate, “Chocolatier” will be featured as the Word of the Day. Zynga players will have access to limited-time challenges and rewards in Wonka’s World of Candy and other Willy Wonka titles.

“Zynga is excited to continue our ten-year history of successful collaboration with Warner Bros. by bringing the world of Wonka to players in Words With Friends and other titles across our portfolio,” said Zynga games executive vice president Yaron Leyvand.

Wonka is one of the most highly anticipated movies this holiday season. By combining it with Zynga and four of their games, including Words With Friends—an evergreen cultural sensation that has connected millions of players for over a decade—we are creating unique opportunities for engagement that unite gaming and film fans across the big screen and mobile devices,” said Warner Bros. Pictures worldwide digital marketing EVP Cameron Curtis.

Zynga launched Words With Friends in 2009. Since then, the franchise has expanded to new platforms such as Facebook Messenger and launched a sequel with Words With Friends 2.

Zynga is a wholly owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software (Nasdaq: TTWO)

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