Snoopslimes: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from this “Weird But Satisfying Goo” Company

Snoopslimes: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from this “Weird But Satisfying Goo” Company

Snoopslimes: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from this “Weird But Satisfying Goo” Company

Snoopslimes offers a wide range of slimes, in colors and textures to please. From classic, soft slimes, to glittery, crunchy ones, Snoopslimes has something for everyone – especially those who love ASMR. Plus, they’re constantly releasing creative and exciting products.

The company aims to provide safe and non-toxic slime products. They use only the highest-quality ingredients and take safety seriously. This means you can rest assured that your kids are playing with slime that won’t harm them.

Fun fact: This eCommerce business was started by a 13-year-old girl from Texas. Crazy, huh?

If you’re a fellow slime lover who’s looking to learn more about this business, or a creative entrepreneur looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to tell you all you need to know about his multi-million-dollar slime business.

Ready? Let’s dive right into it.

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What is Snoopslimes?

It is a slime business based in Round Rock, Texas. They’re a slime ecommerce businesses that creates slime toys to help children engage all of their senses.

Who is the founder of Snoopslimes?

Jungmin Kang is the founder of Snoopslimes.

What is the origin story behind Snoopslimes?

Jungmin Kang discovered slime through ASMR videos on social media at the mere age of 13. The sticky nature of slimes along with the ASMR sounds intrigued her. How has Snoopslimes grown?

Jungmin Kang started by creating her own slime recipes and opened a shop on Etsy. To promote her homemade slimes she used Instagram to post ASMR videos. With consistent posting on Instagram, she made her first sale, and then her videos went viral. The business page now has 1.8 million followers.

How was Snoopslimes funded?

In 2017, Jungmin Kang used her $200 allowance to start Snoopslimes, a slime e-commerce business.

What lessons can entrepreneurs take from the story of Snoopslimes?

Here are three lessons you can learn from the success of Snoopslimes:

Age is never a barrier

Who would’ve thought that a 13-year-old can start a slime business? As an 18-year-old, Kang manages a multimillion-dollar business riding a tide of appeal in a product that has evolved from the same old slime to different flavors and colors. Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself too young or too old, if you have the passion and drive to start a business do it.

Ideas don’t need to be complex

If you’re waiting for the most perfect, and unique idea in this business world, you need to wait in a long line. The best business ideas in this world are not unique. What makes them unique is the human behind the brand. Every time Kang shared her story of how she got started and grew her business, people connected to her and her simple product idea.

Start small, and scale big

Most entrepreneurs want to be present on every social media platform. They think they’re losing out on sales if they don’t show up everywhere—from videos to podcasts. Well, they’re wrong. Jungmin started promoting her products through Instagram in the beginning. Once she started getting consistent sales, she expanded her reach into platforms like TikTok and YouTube. You don’t need to start big to go big. Take things one at a time, and see where it takes you.

What is Snoopslimes’ valuation?

Snoopslimes’ valuation is not public as the business is privately owned. However, it has 40 employees and was expected to hit eight figures in revenue for 2022.


What kinds of slimes does Snoopslimes offer?

Snoopsmiles boasts of different shapes and flavors of slime. They offer slimes in the shape of cupcakes, honeycombs, cookies, s’mores, soda, ice cream, lemon bars, etc. They offer flavors like chocolate, mango, strawberry, lavender, cream, mixed berry, etc.

Where can I buy Snoopslimes?

You buy slimes at Snoopslime’s official website or its Etsy store.

Are Snoopslimes slimes scented?

Yes, they are.

Does Snoopslimes offer a subscription service?

Yes, they do offer a subscription service. They’ve three subscription packages ranging from $39 per box to getting yearly access to 12 boxes at $351.

What is the website for Snoopslimes?

You can find Snoopslimes on their official website here.

What are the payment options for Snoopslimes?

Snoopslimes accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, American Express, Apple Pay, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Does Snoopslimes offer refunds?

No, they don’t offer refunds unless you’ve received a wrong or damaged item. In case you did, you can mail them at [email protected] with a full picture of the damaged package and, ensure you do this within 5 days of the receipt of the order.

Does Snoopslimes offer discounts or coupons?

They do offer discounts on their subscription boxes, but not on any slime products.


A great entrepreneur, Jungmin Kang, has proven that you don’t need to have a super creative, out-of-the-box idea, nor do you need any professional experience to start your dream business.

All you need is the courage to try.

Jungmin’s success story is an inspiration for those who are trying to make their dreams come true. It shows that with enough courage and determination, anyone can achieve success in business. It’s never too late to start.

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